i really really hate that everyone in the world gets flowers except me. i want flowers too :’(

IM SO HAPPYYYY. I got 5 day passes for disney world, and I’m gonna go to the beach, I’m getting a new, better hoop for free, and a house with my wonderful boyfriend for next year with my friend sara, who im gonna teach how to hoop! everything is perfect. i cant waitttt. <333


i hate this. you are such a bitch to me… i dont deserve this

You’re right. You deserve better. Go find her. .. sorry I’ll never be enough for you. I should have never tried.

my day went from perfect to terrible in the 5 minutes i talked to you. why do you have to be like that to me. im hyper cuz ive been running around for 6 hrs, and i just wanted to have a real conversation with you, but you have to put me down, yell, and call me names til i break down in tears. then you yell at me for texting when i wasnt even texting, just had my head down to cry? fuck this. this isnt what i want out of a relationship, and if this keeps up id rather not be in one. :’( bed time…

i love my boyfriend so much. he is there for me, always. even when my world has been flipped upside down, even when im a total bitch to him. he will always be by my side and for that i love him endlessly. jesse elias townsend will be my forever <33